Outer Web Thought Log
June 26, 2004
Cityparade 2004 - pictures.

In the assumption that sleep will be scarce tonight (the closing party of the parade is about 1500m away from where we live), I'll be processing and uploading some shots from this afternoon later on during the evening.
Update: well, it was a nice evening, actually. We and our neighbours sat on our doorsteps until late in the evening, drank beer and chatted about everything we saw. And there was plenty to see: emergency vans, folks trying to find their cars back, busses carrying folks back and forth, police helicopters, ice cream vendors... All in all, stuff wasn't as bad as people would expect, even for us being the closest street to Ghent harbour. There was noise until 11PM, thanks to the beers we slept a couple of fitful hours, but alas the closing party ended around 4AM, with police helicopters pounding above our neighbourhood around 5AM, presumably to warn people that the party was really over.
We couldn't go with the whole family, but I managed to see the start party at the Dampoort, and also the beginning and end of the parade, and take some pictures, of course. Fun event. Hopefully they'll manage to clean up the mess they left behind.

June 25, 2004

Buda, Brussels.

June 15, 2004
Java HTTPs with custom certs

Ted made me promise to blog about my quest yesterday, so here goes: from inside Cocoon, I had to fetch an XML file located on a remote server using HTTPs for encryption. Since the server's certificate wasn't signed by a CA whose cert came with my JDK, I had to download the cert, install it in a local keystore, and make Java aware of this store. A long journey, googling around, asking folks on IM, the Cocoon mailinglists and the - I know HTTPs by heart - folks of #asf finally led to success after three hours. It really shouldn't take you more than five minutes if you look at the simple commands required for this, so I've saved my journey for posterity on the Cocoon Wiki.

June 14, 2004
Ghent harbour

June 13, 2004

... 1 million Flemish voters can be ashamed of themselves. Not that I'm particularly proud of voting differently: it is frightening to come home from a short family trip, and having to explain to your kids why people are fighting on the street, why so many police men are gathering just around the corner from where we live. Luckily enough, in Ghent the situation isn't as bad as in Antwerp, but still we face a huge disconnectedness between the population and the political parties and their programs.

June 10, 2004
Vivid visual imagination

This one got through my spam filter (sigh), but managed to get a chuckle on my face:

Jim 32, recently tried out our herbal expander.
Nowadays, he just flops it out at clubs/bars and gets all the ladies.
Imagine the scene: Big Jim entering a bar, going up a lady: "Hi there! ... (flop)".

A sick mind is a joy forever. :-)

June 08, 2004
bash tab completion trick

Don't you love a tidy and logically traversable directory structure? I'm happy with the Google philosophy: just index and search, but my fellows love deeply nested hierarchies resulting in file paths such as applications/daisywiki/frontend/src/cocoon/webapp/daisy/resources/cforms/htmlarea/plugins/BlockSwitcher/block-switcher.js - which, combined with these obnoxious CVS directories spread over my sandbox, become a nightmare to navigate, even with bash tab completion.
I've been annoyed by this for a long time, but only today I used all-mighty Google which learned me the following trick: export FIGNORE=CVS. Lovely!

June 03, 2004
Bike commuter