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August 01, 2005
Values over types : "I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not sure."

Stefano writes about structuring data and when to do it. It made me think about the strong versus loose typing argument in multi-computer-language-land, and an anonymous quote I grabbed at a seminar once: "People are generally not interested in the types, just in the values."


Other (unstructured) associations:

  • The way R. Pirsig describes the Platypus effect in his book Lila. Which is very nicely quoted in these rawnotes:
  • ...that when the Platypus was discovered, scientists said it was a paradox. But Pirsig's point was it was never a paradox or an oddity. It didn't make sense only to the scientists because they viewed the nature of animals according to their own classification, when nature did not have any.
  • The web usability expert articles advising us a long time ago to replace all those 'advanced search' forms with the simple one-line fulltext-search-box.
  • The one-big-bag approach and the facetted browsing in Daisy of course.
  • My kids.
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