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April 04, 2003
Cluetrain consensus...

Just checking out Rik on Mr. JBoss and reaction on the OSS debate. Hey, I knew we were thinking the same all along :-) Being on a somewhat tight schedule (XMLEurope Tutorial submission deadline) I'll keep it to some short 'here-here':

  • I will write a book! Still waiting for the inspiration though :-) Should be Poems or a novell in any case, ... some escape from this technical stuff at last...
  • Very true: There is no 100% cluetrain... Remember there is no truth. Even Mr. Bruggen is not 100% Rik, he's to a large part Katleen (wife), a bit his employer, I even think there is a part of me in there (and vice versa). Cluetrain just _is_ like so much other things... and you decide when it happens (to you) on a very granular basis. I run Windows 2000. I use MS Excel (and not only when it's coming out of the POI in xReporter). It runs next to XXE (great stuff by the way), cygwin, Eclipse, Apache Ant, Apache Tomcat, Apache Cocoon, Apache Forrest, ...
  • Yes, there is nothing wrong with "paying for not knowing the details". I have to agree, my statement should have been "paying for not being alowed to knowing the details". We all know that (free | open)!= gratis , paying (with money and some faith) is a sensible way of keeping focus on what you really want to be focussing on (and it doesn't matter if you 'pay' a colleague or another company). The transaction should however not hand over your indepedence, nor should it make you think you are not any longer responsible yourself. (Remember the Slammer Worm? Microsoft posted an advertisement later on stating 'sysadmins should have known there was a patch available' Get it?) Keep in mind: "Caveat Emptor", and in the software world that means: hire services rather then buy products, and keep control (in my book that means: make sure you are alowed to know anything you might need). At least you should be ready for the next insourcing-outsourcing-insourcing cycle?
  • JBoss organization uses open source as R&D and recruitment... Outerthought is a commercial organization as well, much of what we do is around a fair bit of knowledge. Keeping that up to level were we can help out and make a difference is what we achieve through the conversations at It is not a cheap investment. Knowledge again is not about 'eternal right or wrong' it is about what matters, what is talked about, what is driving people? Here and now. And rethinking that to maybe come across what was overlooked. Remember Google PageRank"? Maillist threads with no replys might be full of 'truth', they're just not as relevant as the others. The missing meta-data on your pages is provided by what is in between my 's. On the mailinglist there is someone else to complete your thoughts, or there is no one, showing the irrelevance.
  • The question is not in creating better tools. Simplicity should come from the framework. Great thought to cary along...
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