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March 29, 2003
Both OK!

Sam says this XML stuff is OK.

After some of my reading up, talking and being ReST -active. I'ld have to come to the same conclusion for HTTP is OK.

There was a person running up to me after the talk saying it was irrational of me to say that he shouldn't do SOAP while the ReST :-) of the world was. So I took five more minutes to maybe make clear that the problem is not in SOAP (please use it, and not only for washing). The odd thing however is that in fact people use it to wash the network away.

As the RemoteException in RMI has learned us a long time ago already 'the network is not transparent.' So while modern SOAP frameworks will just make it work: Just dump your classic service implementation, we'll generate the WSDL for it, and on the other side create your client proxy as well.... the real lesson from the Web success (and its services) is that we should not just soap-enable the old design, but in stead design differently for our networked applications. Maybe that is what the ReSTy men out there are trying to say? Sigh. Leaky abstractions again.

Martin Fowler even takes it one step further:

Fowler's First Rule of Distributed Object Design: don't distribute your objects!

As mentioned earlier: Too bad you'll have to buy the book.

As for me, I think the network is OK :-)

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