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November 15, 2005

GMail + Thunderbird = Goodness

My official email (dims AT wso2.com) is forwarded to a new GMail account that i created explicitly for this email. My Thunderbird uses POP3 and SMTP to the gmail servers to send and receive email. The GMail is primarily for searching (and backup). i can read my email either via GMail or using Thunderbird. I like thunderbird because i can read my emails offline. When i send an email from Thunderbird, it automatically gets added to "Sent Items" in gmail as well. Only catch so far, if i send an email from GMail user interface it does not get into my Sent folder on Thunderbird. Only way around it is to CC myself so that i have a copy of that message reach my hard disk via thunderbird. So what did i do with all the email for the last 3 months is on my hard disk? I used GML to upload it. Thanks Mark. What's not to like about this setup?

PS: Anyone have a better suggestion for this kind of setup?

November 13, 2005

ANN: Axis2 tutorial scholarships and iPod giveaways at ApacheCon '05

Contest(s) for iPod Nano's during ApacheCon...yummy :)

November 06, 2005

Is OptimizedMimeSerialization part of WS-Policy spec?

We are working on some code for Indigo Interop PlugFest and came across this gem of a policy assertion.

<wsp:Policy wsu:Id="BasicHttpBinding_IMtomTest_policy">

Point #1:
Seeing "http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2004/09/policy/" one would Utf816FFFECharacterEncoding and OptimizedMimeSerialization are part of WS-Policy Specification. But guess what, they are *NOT* in the WS-Policy spec.

Point #2:
Even more interesting is there are just 2 google hits for OptimizedMimeSerialization:

The first one is SUN's source code for JWSDP and the second one is a joint spec with Intel et al.

So how are we mere mortals supposed to understand the meaning of these 2 assertions in Indigo/WCF...go figure :)