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June 30, 2005

Web services @ Apache - update

Lots of changes, See updated site : http://ws.apache.org/

Complete list of projects are as follows:

June 28, 2005

Intro to Axis2 - Presentation

Copy of Glen Daniels' presentation at JavaOne BOF on June 28th.

June 26, 2005

One line Babelfish invocation

Bill. Am sorry, you are wrong. It takes a one liner to do that in Axis.

C:\APACHE\ws-axis\java>java samples.client.DynamicInvoker http://www.xmethods.com/sd/2001/BabelFishService.wsdl BabelFish en_es "Hello World"
Reading WSDL document from 'http://www.xmethods.com/sd/2001/BabelFishService.wsdl'
Preparing Axis dynamic invocation
Executing operation BabelFish with parameters:
sourcedata=Hello World
return=Hola Mundo


June 24, 2005

Einstein's Relativity paper

I had tuned into NPR's Science Friday where they were talking about the Relativity paper and the talk was about how much Einstein was frustrated with the slow adoption of his ideas.

I know why - He did not have a *BLOG* :-)

June 22, 2005

Patent problems implementing WS-Security

Verisign has graciously initiated the process for donating TSIK to Apache. As part of the process, we started discussions on legal aspects and found that any one who implements WS-Security needs licenses from IBM and Microsoft. Note that this does not only affect TSIK incubation, but also the existing Apache WSS4J project.

The licenses in question from IBM and Microsoft are here:

Here's a summary of the issues involved in TSIK incubation: http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=incubator-general&m=111894292828449&w=2

What's the worst case scenario? See what happened in Sender-ID case:

If you are a current WSS4J user, plan for the worst and hope for the best.

MTOM support in WSE 3.0 CTP

Mark asked for some feedback on WSE 3.0 CTP. Here's my 2 cents.

Switching on MTOM behavior:
#1: all base64Binary fields are eligible for MTOM-ming.
#2: You can control the behavior of the client or server using the mtom element in WSE.CONFIG
<mtom clientMode="on|off" serverMode="always|never|optional"/>
#3: On the client, you can force MTOM-ming using RequireMtom flag.
String fileName = "Winter.jpg";
// Create an instance of the Web service proxy class.
BinaryDataMTOMServiceWse serviceproxy = new BinaryDataMTOMServiceWse();

// Specify that MTOM encoding must be used.
serviceproxy.RequireMtom = true;

#1: Kirill is gonna have a problem writing an interop server that implements the interop scenarios as it is difficult to control behavior (send XML, get MTOM and vice-versa)
#2: Don't see a way to control which of the base64Binary fields will be sent as attachments. Default seems to be all or nothing. If you are starting from WSDL. There is no way to annotate in the WSDL/XSD which ones you want to be optimized.
#3: Anyone have a clue how .NET going to handle a 2GB+ sized attachments like Axis does without using a DataHandler kind of mechanism.
#4: WseWsdl3 has problems with Gudge's WSDL as well as the Whitemesa WSDL.

June 21, 2005

Update to Gmail Persistent Searches

I can't live without mihai's excellent tool that adds persistent searches to gmail. A few days ago, gmail folks modified a few things and the script stopped working. Here's the patched script that works.

June 15, 2005

Apache jUDDI version 0.9RC4 RELEASE

The Apache jUDDI team is pleased to announce the long awaited release of
jUDDI version 0.9rc4, the last release candidate before 0.9 final
becomes available in July. You can download it here:


We'd like to thank everyone who had a hand in producing this release
especially those who reported bugs, submitted feature requests, and have
assisted others deploy jUDDI via the project's mailing lists.

Barring the discovery of any significant issues with 0.9rc4 we're
planning to release 0.9 final sometime in mid-July. Version 0.9 final
will include fixes to any major issues identified between now and then
as well as a long-overdue update to the jUDDI User's Guide.

Please submit questions and comments related to the deployment and use
of jUDDI to juddi-user@ws.apache.org. Development-related issues should
be sent to juddi-dev@ws.apache.org. Issues and feature requests may
also be submitted to:


Thank you,

ANNOUNCE: Apache Axis version 1.2.1 RELEASE

Hi folks:

In the continued spirit of "release early and often", the Apache Axis team
is pleased to announce the release of version 1.2.1, an incremental change
over 1.2 final, with some added functionality and of course bug fixes. You
can find it at:


A few words about this release -

* Changes can be found in changelog.html at the top level... Better cookie
support, array handling, elementFormDefault in generated WSDL, SAAJ bug
fixes, etc.

* As always, thanks to EVERYONE who submitted bug reports, patches, and
(especially) good, concise test cases. Muchos gracias.

* Also as always, please send questions/comments to axis-user@ws.apache.org,
and development-related issues to axis-dev@ws.apache.org. Issues may be
checked and filed at http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/AXIS

Onwards to 1.2.Next...

on behalf of the Axis team

June 07, 2005

Apache Axis2 - Milestone 2

The Apache Axis2 Team is pleased to announce the second milestone
release of Apache Axis2.

You can download the releases from:

This milestone release has the following features:
* AXIOM, a SOAP specific streaming XML infoset model for SOAP 1.1 &
1.2 Messages
* Modules, the mechanism for extending the SOAP processing model
* Support for WS-Addressing (as a module)
* Support for one-way messaging
* Support for request response messaging
* Hot deployment of Web services and Module deployment based on
archived modules
* WSDL code generation tool for stubs and skeletons (without
data binding for M2)
* HTTP transport support
* SMTP transport support
* TCP transport support

Axis2 is taking shape and this M2 release is only a glimpse of what is to be expected in the future. If you have a vision of how the next generation of Web services middleware should be, and like to contribute to Axis2, please join us at axis-dev@ws.apache.org. Any contribution in the form of coding, testing, submitting improvements to the documentation, and reporting bugs is always welcome.

More information about Axis2 is available from the Axis2 home:

-- The Axis2 Development Team

June 05, 2005

Is there a Schema for RDF? (rdf.xsd?)

Found xml.coverpages.org/connollyRDF-XSD.txt , but it has the old schema namespace.
http://www.w3.org/2000/07/DAML-0-5-syntax , seems old as well.
Output of trang on the RelaxNG schema in the RDF spec has problems too (XMLSpy complains!).
So anyone out there has a rdf.xsd that i can use?

June 03, 2005

WS-ReliableMessaging Interop endpoint for Apache Sandesha

Jaliya has set up an Interop endpoint for Apache Sandesha (A WS-RM implementation that works with Apache Axis) - http://ws.zones.apache.org:7070/sandesha-interop/interop.jsp.

Questions + comments please post to fx-dev AT ws.apache.org.