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February 27, 2005

JIKES RVM in sf.net


February 25, 2005

Axis 2.0 - Tech Preview / Milestone

The Apache Axis2 Team is pleased to announce the first milestone release
of Apache Axis2 and the release is available at http://ws.apache.org/axis2


Release Notes:

Overview of Apache Axis2
Axis2 is an effort to re-design and totally re-implement both Axis/Java and
(eventually) Axis/C++ on a new architecture. Evolving from the now standard
"handler chain" model which Axis1 pioneered, Axis2 is developing a more
flexible pipeline architecture which can yet be managed and packaged in a
more organized manner. This new design acknowledges the maturing of the Web
services space in terms of new protocols such as WS-ReliableMessaging,
WS-Security and WS-Addressing that are built on top of the base SOAP system.

At the time Axis1 was designed, while it was fully expected that other
such as WS-ReliableMessaging would be built on top of it, there was no
proper extension architecture defined to enable clean composition of
such layers. Thus, one of the key motivations for Axis2 is to provide
a clean and simple environment for extensions like Apache Sandesha and
Apache WSS4J to layer on top of the base SOAP system.

Another driving force for Axis2 is to move away from RPC oriented
Web services towards more document-oriented, message style asynchronous
service interactions. The Axis2 project is centered on a new representation
for SOAP messages called AXIOM (AXIs Object Model). AXIOM consists of two
parts: a complete XML Infoset representation and a SOAP Infoset
on top of that. The XML Infoset representation provides a JDOM-like simple
API but is built on a deferred model via a StAX-based (Streaming API for
pull parsing API. A key feature of AXIOM is that it allows one to stop
building the XML tree and just access the pull stream directly; thus
both maximum flexibility and maximum performance. This approach allows us to
support multiple levels of abstraction for consuming and offering Web
services: using plain AXIOM, using generated code and statically data-bound
data types and so on.

At the time of Axis1's design, RPC-style, synchronous, request-response
interactions were the order of the day for Web services. Today service
interactions are much more message-oriented and exploit many different
message exchange patterns. The Axis2 engine architecture is careful to
not build in any assumptions of request-response patterns to ensure that
it can be used easily to support arbitrary message exchange patterns.

--The Apache Axis2 Team

February 24, 2005

Computer Associates and Kaffe

Small world? A employee of CA ported Kaffe to S/390 a while back and the code has made it into Kaffe CVS HEAD as well.

Wed May 29 12:59:24 PDT 2002 Jim Pick

* config/s390/common.h: new file.
* config/s390/linux/config.frag: new file.
* config/s390/linux/md.c: new file.
* config/s390/linux/md.h: new file.
* config/s390/threads.h: new file.
* kaffe/kaffevm/debug.c: Added SYSDEPCALLMETHOD, used by s390
* kaffe/kaffevm/debug.h: Added SYSDEPCALLMETHOD, used by s390

Port to s390 by Ross Patterson
Taken from Debian's 1.0.6-6.1.src.deb

gmail 95% full - no easy way to delete 32175 emails from trash

6 months back i submitted a request to easily delete stuff that is already in trash in my gmail a/c. I still don't see a way to do it and am currently at 95% full with 32175 emails in my trash folder.

Hello Davanum,
Thank you for your suggestion regarding a functionality to empty 'Spam' and 'Trash' -- we are forwarding it to the appropriate team. We certainly appreciate hearing from Gmail users and encourage you to continue to let us know how we can improve the Gmail experience.
To submit future suggestions and feature requests, please visit the Help Center at http://gmail.google.com/support/bin/request.py, and classify your submission as 'Suggestions or feedback.'
Selecting this option will help us route your comments directly to the appropriate team. Please note that you must be logged in to your Gmail account to access the Help Center.
We hope you enjoy Google's approach to email.

The Gmail Team
Original Message Follows:
From: davanum@gmail.com
Subject: No easy way to delete 25,000 email from my trash folder
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 12:59:40 -0000

Am not the only one facing this problem:
- http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2004/8/3/22137/27799
- http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&safe=off&selm=ckdQc.5694%2454.91729%40typhoon.sonic.net

Can you please get serious about 1 button that can delete (forever) all messages in spam/trash folder.


GmailAddress: davanum@gmail.com
GmailInfo: ct=1081447328:aa=10851549:
QuestionTopic: bugs_problems
Name: Davanum Srinivas
OS: win2k

February 23, 2005

First step in Open Source SUN certified JRE/JVM

Dalibor Topic has sent an application to TCK Scholarship board for J2SE 1.5 certification for Kaffe/Classpath.

February 18, 2005

Escape the Java Trap! [1] - GNU Classpath Hacker Room

This should a fun event to attend:

Fosdem, Saturday/Sunday 26/27 February 2005, Brussels, Belgium

The Fosdem organisation has generously offered the developers of various projects around GNU classpath the opportunity to meet face to face in their own developer room.

We have brought together a wide range of different speakers from various projects that together provide a free software alternative to the proprietary java platform. Developers from these various projects will come from all over the world to discuss cooperation and to make development plans to the next year.

You are very welcome to join us and learn about the IKVM architecture
and how to freely mix and match traditional java and .net applications and libraries, how GNU and Apache developers can and should work together, how you can do rapid GNOME desktop development through java-gnome, how researchers are using GNU Classpath to do cutting edge research into Just In Time compilation, see demonstrations of lightning fast native eclipse, learn what will be possible with GNU Classpath and GCC 4.0, whether Kaffe will ever release their version 1.1.5, what we think about compatibility, freedom vs control and learn how you can create your own GNU Compiler Collection frontend for languages such as the 1.5 java programming language.

Full schedule and abstracts at the official Fosdem 2005 site:

Saturday 14:00 - 17:00 - "Building Bridges"

Reaching out to other communities.
How can GNU Classpath, GCC/GCJ and Kaffe hackers learn
from and work together with others?

14:00 - 14:50
IKVM.NET - Motivation and Architecture.
Jeroen Frijters

15:00 - 15:50
Apache Gump - Continuous integration on steroids
Leo Simons

16:00 - 16:50
Liberation through Binding
- Using java-gnome to build desktop applications
Jeffrey Morgan

17:00 - 17:30
CACAO - From the fastest JIT to a JVM
Christian Thalinger

Sunday 10:00 - 13:00 - "Demo Time!'

Public presentations and overviews of the current state of the
GNU Classpath library , GCC/GCJ compiler and Kaffe runtime.

10:00 - 10:50
Free AWT and Swing - The GUI parts of GNU Classpath.
Thomas Fitzsimmons

11:00 - 11:50
GCJX - Writing a new GCC front end.
Tom Tromey

12:00 - 12:50
Kaffe - Past, Present and Future.
Dalibor Topic

Extra (13h15 - 13h30) GCJ & Native Eclipse
Lightning Talk: GCJ and the Eclipse IDE.
Bryce McKinlay

Sunday 14:00 - 17:00 - "The Future"

Technical Planning Session

This 3 hour session for hackers will consist of:

* A general part explaining what is needed.
* Splitting up in groups to discuss specific topics to solve
the problems and make development plans.
* A short present by each group about the ideas discussed.

Please add ideas and suggestions to the WIKI:

[1] From "Free But Shackled - The Java Trap" by Richard Stallman

Apache Mirae - Implementation of J2ME Web Services APIs (WSA), JSR 172

Project is up with code as well. See http://ws.apache.org/mirae/ for more details.

February 17, 2005

JAX-RPC 2.0 in J2SE 6.0 - What do you think?

Given that we keep telling folks to use Xerces 2.6.2 to fix problems in the version of Xerces embedded in the JDK. Do you think it's a good idea to embed an implementation of JAX-RPC 2.0 in the JDK/JRE itself?

February 14, 2005

Want to do something about Web Services Interop problems?

Everyone complains *AFTER* a release is out :(

Here's an opportunity for Simon, Nelson and all other power users of Apache Axis. Please kick the tires of the nightly build (soon to be 1.2 RC3) and report problems in JIRA.

February 08, 2005

Cartoon about Web Services (?)

"SOAP-ON-A-ROPE wasn't good enough for you". Does this reflect the current state of affairs in the web services world? :)

February 04, 2005

Google Sidebar(?)

Go direct to the customer. Right now you see Google Ads at various web sites (and gmail etc) and when you click on it Google gets revenue from its advertisers and google pays the people who host the ads.

What if google empowers the consumer to sign up for an account to view ads and makes a micropayment to the consumer (redeemable for goodies?) and enables the consumer to watch ads related to content he/she is browsing by using a side bar? Here's what it could look like:


PS: I don't work for Google :)
PPS: Pay close attention to see who has bought the adword for "Apache Axis" :) :)