October 24, 2003

Software suspend under Linux!

The past couple of weeks I've been lazily playing around with various patches available for the 2.4 Linux kernels on my Dell Inspiron 8500.

I installed supermount-ng last week which automatically mounts devices when they're loaded (eg. cdrom, disk, memory stick, compact flash card, etc), rather than having the user drive this process. That worked out pretty well.

Last night I started playing with software suspend under linux. This one's a bit more detailed than supermount, but there was light at the end of the tunnel, and I now have software suspend working :)

To get software suspend working (state S4, ie. suspend to disk) I had to apply a ACPI patch to load a custom DSDT into my kernel. The DSDT that comes with my Dell is apparently broken but people out there have fixed it up. With the custom DSDT patch I was able to load the repaired DSDT into my kernel.

After that I had to apply a software suspend patch to my kernel source, which added support for a suspend daemon kswsupd that intercepted ACPI requests to suspend the system.

Then, initiating a hibernate from kswsupd serialized the memory state to disk and the machine turned itself off. Upon restarting the machine it resumed from where I had suspended it. :)

Still have some more tests to do, and customization, but the suspend-resume operation was definitely faster than a normal reboot. Looking forward to taking advantage of this :)

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October 20, 2003

Windows device drivers under Linux!

Linuxant have just released a product allowing Windows NDIS drivers to be used as-is under Linux!

They have a demo package available for download which allows the owners of Broadcom based WLAN cards (for which there is currently no Linux driver freely available) to work under Linux!

Awesome stuff :)

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Eclipse 3.0M4 released!

M4 of Eclipse is now available!

New and noteworthy features are listed here.

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GetTogether finished!

Ok, after having such wonderful images of Ghent on my weblog I found it hard to write something new which would push them off of the screen :)

The Cocoon GetTogether finished up really well, it's now been almost 2 weeks since we all met in Belgium, and I already miss the company of having many of the Cocoon community together under a single roof. It was really great to attend and see everyone from last year, and all the new faces from this year.

The other day I was also trying to work out how many committerships we had in our Bed & Breakfast while staying in Ghent -> all 8 beds were filled with Apache people from Cocoon, Avalon, Lenya, and many other projects! That in itself was almost a mini-getTogether :)

All of the photos I took from the GetTogether are also now available on my image gallery.

Some of the memorable moments!:

o Swapping jokes with Marc and Steven at the Ribs restaurant (yes, just like last year :) )
o Having breakfast with Stefano and the others at our B&B, then realising his presentation started in 5 minutes time :)
o Chatting on IRC with everyone while the presentations were on
o Explaining to everyone the Australian meaning of Woody! :)
o Setting up iptables to route packets over my WLAN link for Michael (Melhem) and Michael (Wechner) :)
o Trying to explain the rules of Australian Football to Vadim :)
o Playing musical trains with Torsten on the way back to Frankfurt!
o plus many others!

Looking forward to the next real life event! :)

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October 07, 2003




Taken 5 minutes ago outside. Absolutely amazing! :)

Update: the first picture is 'de graslei', the second 'tree towers' (Thanks Marc)

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WebDAV and Cocoon!

Matthew and Gianugo are currently talking about WebDAV and its implementation in Cocoon. WebDAV, based on HTTP allows extensible XML oriented metadata, which really fits well with Cocoon. Cocoon includes a block which turns Cocoon into a WebDAV client, server and proxy.

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Projects and Tools!

Bertrand is now speaking about non-technical tools that are valuable in project development like mailing lists, wikis, Bugzilla, Weblogs, etc. Essentially, tools that improve communication between team members.

I definitely agree, when starting our current project back in may, I installed bugzilla, viewcvs, mailman, and a bunch of other tools to help improve the flow of information between team members. After using them in the open source world, I don't know how anyone could live without them! :)

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Apache Lenya!

Michael Wechner is currently presenting Apache Lenya, the Cocoon based CMS system. It's great to see that Cocoon's grown to the point where it's able to father new subprojects. Michael's also written his presentation in Cocoon itself! :)

Yesterday there were some interesting discussions about combining Lenya with the JSR-170 Repository API too.

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Pipelined Fugues!

David Casal is on stage now presenting 'Pipelined Fugues', drawing a parallel between Cocoon and music composition :)
There's actually a piano on stage which David is playing during his presentation. Quite interesting that the flow of a Bach piece can be related to a pipeline fragment. :)

Update: David just finished a fantastic presentation with some amazing music renditions, to receive a standing ovation :)

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Form handling!

Sylvain is currently presenting Woody and it's use as a form handling framework with flowscript. It's interesting to see the evolution of the form handling frameworks we had in Cocoon - XMLForm, Precept, FormAction, etc. Woody looks to be the culmination of all those great ideas together with the newer Cocoon features like Flow, etc, to take form handling to the next level.

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Taken this morning on the way to the GetTogether in Ghent. Quite a beautiful city :)

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Cocoon Databases!

Christian Haul is currently presenting the various database connectivity approaches Cocoon currently offers. ESQL, SQL Transformer, JDBC, Avalon Excalibur datasources, etc. To use Perl talk (TIMTOWTDI - there's more than one way to do it :) ).

Christian is also raising several practical and real world hints such as performance and security tips as well which is great. Reminds me of the olden days in our Cocoon project at Dresdner Bank when we wrote our first ESQL XSP reports :)

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Cocoon GetTogether Underway!

The Cocoon GetTogether conference day is currently underway. Stefano is currently delivering the first talk introducing Cocoon, the community and the various current and upcoming features.

The venue this year is really great, it's quite a beautiful 'monastery' style building in downtown Ghent. There must be over 100 people here and everyone is glued to the presentation screen. The whole venue is also WiFi'd, so we are all online :)

Christian Haul is up next to talk about databases in Cocoon, Sylvain and the others will talk later on during the day. It's really great to see personal friends delivering talks at such an event, Cocoon has really given us the chance to learn from each other and grow and develop within a friendly and professional environment.

There's also been a strong focus on the 'community' over the past several days to ensure that this remains so in the future.

Blocks, Flow, virtual components and more are all hot topics this year, and what will be all coming in Cocoon 2.2. Looks like a great year to come.

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October 06, 2003

Hacking time!

All the Hackaton talks are finished - it was a really great day with lots of productive talks about the various aspects of Cocoon. Currently everyone is in "bug squashing" mode, we're all going through the 107 open defects/enhancements in Bugzilla. :)

Everyone is also preparing for the upcoming visit to the famous Ghent Ribs restaurant tonight where we were last year. Apparently 70 people have registered for tonights evening event so we'll most likely own the restaurant by the end of the night!

Looking forward to tonight's event and also more talks tomorrow. :)

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Cocoon Hackaton!

Currently sitting with about 25-30 people in the Cocoon Hackaton in Ghent. Tomorrow is the big day where we'll be expecting over 120 people to turn up for the second GetTogether. I'm really impressed with the attendance today, most of the Cocoon committers are here, plus many other people interested in developing on or with Cocoon. With so many smart people here in one room it can only mean great things for the future :)

Currently Marc Portier is talking about an alternative flow implementation, Carsten spoke earlier about flow as well. Sylvain spoke this morning about Woody and the other various form handling libraries in Cocoon. More to come this afternoon. Lots of discussion and high bandwidth talking which is great!

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Arrived in Ghent!

Arrived in Ghent yesterday evening around 6pm with Torsten, Michael and also Christian Haul on the train from Cologne! Last night all of the people whom had already arrived met up at a nice cafe to kick off the social side of the GetTogether!

It was really great to catch up again with Steven, Stefano, and meet many new faces and put names and people together.

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October 05, 2003

Off to Ghent, Belgium!

Just about to head off to Cologne with Michael to meet Torsten to head up to Ghent, Belgium for the Cocoon GetTogether. Really looking forward to it this year! Should be a lot of fun and will be great to see some long time friends again :)

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October 02, 2003

Enemy Territory Screenshots!

Just stumbled across this site that has several screenshots from various Enemy Territory levels. Check out some of the new Transmitter map shots! Looks awesome.

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